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I am a German Actress and have been working in this wonderful Profession for the last 23 years. I believe in the Magic of slipping into somebody else's skin and touching people's hearts by drawing them with me into the story.

I also write plays, audiobooks, children'spicture books, fiction and nonfiction books, and translate  English plays into German.



I think it's never too late to learn new skills and to follow one's dreams. Acting is and always has been my bliss.=0) It is Discipline and Commitment but first of all Love and Passion, it's hard work and great joy and respect for the people you work and live with. I feel truly blessed.

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GermanyZAV Künstlervermittlung - Standort Köln (arbeitsagentur.de)zav-kv-koeln@arbeitsagentur.de

Ines Duda

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