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I've been cast in four international Filmproductions. To find out more, have a look at my IMDB site:0)






by Steffi Henn Photography
by Steffi Henn Photography

UK represented by

The Wintersmith Agency


Elisaveta Abrahall

Tel 01905570888

Email info@wintersmith.co.uk


Germany represented by

Call my Agent


Gisela Stutzke





by Steffi Henn Photography

August- September Stage in Germany




August 2016

Do       04.08. 

11:00   Michel

17:30   Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde

Sa        06.08. 

15:00   Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde      

Di        09.08. 

11:00   Michel

So        14.08. 

11:00   Michel

Mi       17.08.

17:30   Das Kalte Herz

Do       18.08. 

11:00  Michel

Fr        19.08. 

20:00  Sherlock

Sa        20.08.

17:30   Das Kalte Herz

Di        30.08. 

11:00   Michel


September 2016

Fr        02.09. 

20:00   Sherlock

Anne Scherliess- Actress

Welcome to my Website, how nice of you, to drop by. I am a very committed Actress, loving my Job with all my heart and enjoy working with likeminded people. Lets create wonderful Things together now, shall we?


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